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If you are a new visitor to this site you are very welcome to browse the website to see the group activities, monthly speaker meetings and outings that are organised for our members. If you wish to join our branch of the U3A then click the "Join the U3A" link on the left of the screen and provide the details requested, our membership secretary will contact you in due course.

If you are a member and new to this site you will have been sent your membership number together with a password that you can use to log in to the members facilities within the website. We advise that once you have logged in on this first occasion you should change your password to something memorable to you.

Llandudno Area U3A

May all of us in our U3A wish you a very warm welcome. It is my great pleasure, as the current Chair of Llandudno Area U3A, to welcome you to our U3A and our website.

We are often asked, do we need any qualifications to join, or is there a minimum age? No, you do not need any qualifications to join any of the 1000 affiliated U3As. Nor are there any age limits, neither upper nor lower. The membership is simply for anyone who is moving from, or has already moved from, full-time occupation (family or work). Our focus is on enthusiasm and involvement with all our activities set up and run by our members for our members.

The motto of the U3As is "Learn, Laugh and Live!"

We hope that as you view our website you will find many groups and activities you would like to join.

There may be something else with which you'd like to become involved but isn't yet running. That's no problem as you and like-minded members can start up a new group. You will get plenty of active help from many other members to get it going.

In addition to offering new interests and learning opportunities, we find that the U3A way can and does provide mutual support and friendship which many members value greatly. We hope that you will discover this approach to life in the Third Age interesting, exciting and fulfilling. Chris Coxon, Chair, 2017/18


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