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Group Details - Walking: Easy Walking - NEXT WALK - 5 May (6 )

Group Leader(s) : Rosemary Brotherton
Groups Coordinator : Group Coordinator 1 : Glenis Nutt
Group Description : ***1st Friday of the month*** as I will not be available on the 2nd Friday.
Meet at ^^10.30^^@ Llanddulas Fair View Pub
Linear to Abergele via Pensarn ~~ Circular: return by No. 12 Bus
4 miles downhill and flat
Bring snack and drink
Leader: Rosemary 01492 540 152

NOTE Assistance dogs only, to be kept on a short lead at all times.

U3A has Public Liability Insurance but no automatic Personal Liability Insurance

Group Status : Vacancies
Venue : Click link below, "Further Details about this Group",
Easting/Northing : 1/1
Frequency : 2nd FRIDAY of the month
Time of Session : 10:00
Start Date : Tuesday 28th March 2017
End Date : Saturday 30th June 2018
Category(s) : Walking
Health & Fitness
Status : Live

Further Details about this Group
Easy Walking - April, May, June 2018

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Group Meeting Dates    

Friday 8th June 2018

Information for Group Leaders


There are as many ways of approaching the establishment and running of groups as there are people to run them. Some of our groups benefit from expert input whilst others rely on participation from all the group members. When running a group it is important to consider the question of succession. One way is to encourage members to take the register of those attending. You might like to consider members of your group leading the subject on given weeks.


All groups should be registered with the Group Co-ordinator to ensure their group is covered by the U3A insurance and for details of the group to be advertised in our programme and on our website. Group Leaders should take a register of attendees at each group meeting. This is particularly important where a fee is being paid to book a venue so that the committee can ascertain that good value is achieved from the subscriptions paid by members.


The Resource Centre in the National Office has a collection of non-book material available for all U3A groups to borrow free of charge, except for the cost of return postage. There are slides, videos, audio cassettes, CDs and DVDs available in many subject areas.

To borrow items from the collection, please contact the Resource Centre staff by letter, email or telephone. Give the title of the items you would like on loan and the date of the meeting at which you expect to use them. The earlier you send your request, the more likely you are to receive the items you want in time. Bookings can be made up to nine months ahead. Loans are for a period of three weeks initially and may be renewed on request if there is no other group waiting to use them. When you return the item, please obtain a certificate of posting at the Post Office.

The Third Age Trust,
The Old Municipal Buildings,
19 East Street,
Tel: 020 8315 0199
Email: resource.centre@u3a.org.uk
website: www.u3a.org.uk

Group Leaders Insurance

The Third Age Trust carries an insurance policy that covers group leaders in their own homes for accidents that occur. The policy also covers damage to other venues used by U3A groups. Would all group leaders who incorporate outside visits in their groups please make a point of informing members that they are not covered for personal accidents on such outings.

Tour Operators Licence

There is a Tour Operators licence. This only covers the Outings Organiser. Members attending a holiday tour must take out their own holiday insurance.


This is a complex subject and if you wish to copy from any literary work or sheet music, please contact the Group Co-ordinators. Briefly, you are allowed to copy anything that is out of copyright which is when 70 years or more has elapsed from the death of the author or composer of the work. You are also allowed to copy an insubstantial amount for personal use for the purpose of private study or non-commercial use.

There is no blanket licence available for multiple copying of sheet music. It is always illegal unless it is no longer in copyright. However some free sheet music is available on the internet (see www.cpdl.org.uk which will also provide links to other useful sites).

Digital Images : There is a common misconception that anything on the internet is in the public domain and therefore freely available to use. A work only falls into the public domain once copyright expires. It may be publicly accessible but it is not necessarily freely available.

Recorded Music : The PPL licence supplied by The Trust gives U3As permission to play recorded music in public.

DVDs/Videos : The Third Age Trust has no blanket licence arrangement with film copyright holders or organisations.

Interest groups are usually covered by an exemption in the copyright law which allows the use of videos or DVDs for educational purposes.

Health and Safety

Some group activities involve visits to places of interest - gardens, towns etc. In these cases it is important to pay attention to health and safety. Group Leaders should advise any group members of any difficulties or potential hazards they are aware of.

Should an accident happen the Group Leader must complete an accident form within 24 hours of the accident. A copy can be obtained from the Business Secretary.

Data Protection

All Group Leaders are reminded to bear in mind the Data Protection Act when holding information about members, including their contact details.

Legal Helpline

National Office have available a Legal Helpline 01455 251500, Scheme Number 70494. Please do not give this number to non-U3A members.


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